Dress Headgear for Rear Admiral Clarence A. Hill, Jr., USN – SOLD

Includes two pairs of Rear Admiral’s Shoulder Boards


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I thought about breaking these hats up into two lots, but thought the better of it.  The two dress hats belonged to Rear Admiral Clarence A. Hill, Jr., U.S. Navy. There are actually three covers here as the white dress cover is included.

Both hats are made by Art Caps, New York, one is dress blue, the other is the aviation green. The green cover has the sterling insignia, and the blue has embroidered bullion eagle insignia. Both hats are just super condition with bright bullion on the visors, etc.

Each hat has Hill’s name in it.  Included are two sets of shoulder boards, one made by Vanguard and the other is Hilborn-Hamburger.

Admiral Hill was a graduate of the Naval Academy (Class of 1940), leaving for active duty in 1944 with his first assignment, the submarine U.S.S. Ray and saw combat missions onboard that boat.  He would soon after the war become a naval aviator, and assigned to carrier duty during the Korean War, carrying out Night Attack missions.  Later he would command an A-4 Skyhawk squadron.  His first command was the USSS Independence a modern carrier. He retired in 1973, and died at home in August of 2011 while watching his beloved New York Yankees on TV. Even as a Boston Red Sox fan, one has to appreciate the “Fan” in everybody.

Two great looking hats, with some great history associated with them.