Early Civil War Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Infantry Belt Rig. SOLD

A nice MASS marked belt and two-piece eagle plate, and accoutrements,


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The enlisted belt with the interlocking two piece eagle buckle, was an accoutrement common to Massachusetts Volunteer Militia prior to and into the early part of the Civil War. The plate is a simple eagle with round wreath, retaining 35-40 percent of the gilt finish.  The adjustment for the buckle is the older fashion strap extending from the end of the belt to a buckle on strap sewn further down on the back side. The original belt slide is present.  Overall the condition of the belt is very good to fine.

The belt came complete with a cap box, marked with “US” and  “MS,” on the flap with a large percentage of wool fleece lining, and the original cone pick still inside.  Some chipping and wear to leather.

A militia cartridge box, intended for dual wear on belt or sling (parade), with a wide single belt loop in dingy what paint; two eagle GS cuff pattern buttons are in place to be used with the linen sling.   Identified to John H. Moore on the inside of the flap.  There are a only 3 John H. Moore’s in the MVM, and the closed is one from Sudbury, Mass, who enlisted on 6/29/61 into Co. “F” 13th Regiment.  He was wounded at Antietam, Md in Sept. of 1862. Chipping and scuffing to leather surfaces, no tins. Some stitching is loose one the side.  There was once stamp brass insignia, no doubt MVM monogram in place.

The  bayonet scabbard also marked “MASS” on the frog, It does not take either a 1816 Conversion, or an 1861 Contract bayonet, having only the length for a 16 inch blade.  Most likely an older model bayonet fitted to 1808 muskets, converted by the State for their troops (used in the early part of the war). The leather is surface is very good, but weak, not having a bayonet within for some time, and is a bit flimsy. I currently a a stiffener within to keep it sound.  Brass drag is on tight.

Very seldom does on encounter a complete  Volunteer rig for the Civil War period from Massachusetts or anywhere else for that matter.

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