Early Pattern Mills Artillery Web Cartridge Belt


Scarce solid red web belt with New York state unit markings on buckle.

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One of Anson Mills’ web belts that he patented and tried marketing to the Government, a cartridge belt with 45 loops for .45/70 ammunition. A small stamped brass plaque/staple bears the name “Anson Mills Pat. Dec. 28.80.” To keep the belt from fraying white linen was sewn to the ends. The “H” buckle of stamped brass was made for the New York Militia, marked Mills – Orndorff, Worcester, Mass.   This is an original buckle and belt.  The solid color for the various branches of the Army did not find favor, but in Mills’s next pattern he made the belts in tan webbing leaving only the upper and lower welts of the belt edging in the branch color.

Has New York State unit markings on the back of the buckle’s keeper ” 25th / 88.”  The regiment number is first, and the soldier’s equipment number is 88.

These are very scarce patterns, and this one is in excellent condition.

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