French Made Late 1872 Mounted Officer’s Saber & Knot – SOLD

A sweet example of a late import prior to Army sword pattern change.

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This late pattern M1872 Mounted Officer’s sword /saber was intended for use by officers of field grade rank, and cavalry officers of any rank. This one was made in France an so marked on the ricasso, along with its foreigh Proof mark.

The blade is 33 inches long, and 3/4 of an inch at its widest.  Both sides incorporate similar etched panels of florals, with “US”on one side, and federal eagle on the other. An open polished panel of 2 inches is blank, intended for the owner’s name. The retailer’s name, Ridabock, New York is on the other side of the ricasso. The blade is just about in new condition with light scuffing toward the tip and extending back to the etching where is all but disappears.  Minor to say the least.

Hilt, and scabbard mounts still retain most of their original gilt finish. The pommel cap is decorated in a series of leaves that spiral downward from the capstan. Raised acanthus leaf and federal shield are on the lower pommel area. The two branch guard has inset panels of acanthus leaves on both sides. The upper side of the guard has stars on the perimeter over a starburst, and an eagle is positioned on the quillion area. The underside of the guard is all starburst. A white buff leather washer is present.  Sharkshin grips show some fading in color, and still have a patterned wire, in gilt still wrapped tightly.

The nickel scabbard has most of the original finish remaining, some of it dull in color, being more polished looking wear the metal has received the most handling.

Finally, the original bullion knot is still wrapped around the hilt.

Nice looking saber, and not as commonly a seen import pattern for these M1872s.  Circa, late 1890s- 1902.

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