Id’d Gold & Bronze NGNY Medal Grouping, 1894-1900.

The grouping belonged to W. H. Doherty of the 42nd Separate Company NGNY.

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This group consists of a gold medal with crossed rifle / Sharpshooter banner, maltese crass with silver target identified to  the “42nd Separate Company, NGNY” and “W.H. Doherty,” Id’d Gold & Bronze NGNY Medal Grouping, 1894-1900. (engraved on the back), with 5 ladder bars with dates of qualification.   There are no markings but believe this is 14K gold after finding another in my web searches.  Current scrap on this piece is in excess of $500.00.  4 1/4 ” high.

The other two are TIFFANY & Co. made medals;  shooting badge in bronze, with 1 Year Marksman and 1 year Sharpshooter bars each have a gold number “1” applied. The gold numbers are applied with a staple like backing. A spread-winged eagle sets atop the oval badge with New York shield and target above.  3 1/4 ” high.  The other badge is a heavier bronze piece with eagle pin brooch; suspended is an 8 Year Marksman bar, and Sharpshooter bar with 2 Year bar, connected to the main cross for “Small Arms Practice.”  3 1/4″.

I have not been able to find any information on Doherty, so that project is for you.

A nice grouping of shooting medals covering the period from 1894 into the 1900’s era, all in fine condition.

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