Identified Grouping – 5th Mass Infantry Corporal- Spanish War Veteran. – SOLD

Identified to Corporal E. Plummer, Company “H,” 5th Mass Infantry- uniform and equipment.

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This is quite a complete grouping for uniform and equipment components for Corporal Plummer, Company “H,” 5th Massachusetts Infantry. The grouping consists of the following:

  • 5 button fatigue blouse with corporal chevrons, service in war stripe, Mass Sharpshooter badge (red with gold rifle insignia), U.S. general service buttons, Mass State Arsenal markings, and “PLUMMER” written on the inside lining.
  • 1885 trousers with corporal stripes, Arsenal stamp on inside lining.
  • Civilian white cotton shirt.
  • 1895 garrison cap with 1875 pattern pin back infantry insignia (5/H), “Plummer”written in faded ink on both sides of sweatband.
  • Canvas/ leather strapped puttees, Size and patent dates stamped inside. Ties and leather straps not broken
  • Mills blue web cartridge belt, with white painted stencil unit markings. Holds .45/70 cartridges (45 loops), with Mills 1887 “H” belt plate. Brass wire hanger for bayonet scabbard, Buckle and keeper were at some point put on upside-down.
  • 1883 pattern .45/70 bayonet scabbard with “MASS” button on belt loop. Back side stamped “40” (most likely an equipment number.
  • 1878 Blanket bag, complete with original shoulder straps, blanket straps, unit marked stenciled on back side.
  • Contained within the ’78 bag was his issue state solid gray blanket, with hand stitched cut ends.
  • 1874 pattern haversack with early wide canvas sling, marked “U.S.” State Arsenal stamps on inside flap. Flap has an added leather strap which is broken (a portion of leather strap with buckle found in haversack), may have been added to hold drinking cup?
  • Contained within were Plummer’s 1874 mess can, with issue fork and spoon, and addition civilian fork ( a bit smaller). A portion of a “Cutler Bros. & Co. Court Plaster wrapper was slipped under mess can handle).
  • 1878 canteen with early wide canvas sling/ adjustment brass slide.  Stamped “U.S” on front, “ECP” stencil on reverse side with Mass Inspection stamp.
  • Cabinet Photo of Plummer wearing this blouse, showing the Sharpshooter badge, and wearing his 1887 campaign hat with 5th Infantry insignia. Cut down to fit a newer brass self standing frame.

Condition of uniform and cap are fine with light wear.  Canvas gear shows staining and soiling.  Straps on canteen and haversack are unraveling which is nearly the case with this type of material, the haversack straps have torn away on both sides, and are pinned in place with old safety pins.  Leather straps on the 1878 bag are dry and show a good deal of surface leather flaking.  The tin mess gear has dry rust on the surfaces, more on one side than the other.  No attempt to clean, or restore the leather, straps, canvas, anything has been done, and all items are in their natural aged, and untouched state.

Little information has been found on Plummer, other than the obvious gathered from the material in this grouping.

The 5th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry were called into Federal service, and mustered in a Framingham, Mass. on June 30 to July 2, 1898, with a roster comprising 41 officers, and 1230 enlisted men.  They were assigned to the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division of the 2nd Army Corps, on October 7th.

The regiment left the state on September 11, and arrived at Camp Meade, Pa. the following day. They left there on November 16, and arrived at Greenville, SC. on the 18th of that month.  They trained there until mustering out of service on March 31, 1899.  During their time in service the regiment lost 13 men (died of disease), and 15 men deserted.

A grouping of this size with all of the items identified to one unit, one man are hard to come by, and it has been some time since I have been able to offer such a group.

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