Identified Grouping for an OSS Agent – SOLD

With English made jump wings- gold Free French Insignia.


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Gaston J. Paquette entered the U.S. Army in March 1943, and shortly after was employed as a Reconnaissance agent with the OSS; serving in the Rome-Arno, No. Appennines, Southern France, and China campaigns. Paquette jumped into France prior to D-Day and joined the Free French Resistance, to supply “army intelligence with information regarding disposition of enemy troops and materiel.  Did demolition, and sabotage work. Conducted guerrilla warfare when feasible. Instructed Marquis in use of American and British weapons.”

I recently talked with a friend in the business (also the X-Chief of Police from Holyoke, Mass; who replaced Paquette’s father who was the Chief before that), who knew Paquette personally, and said he was ordered to work for the OSS when they found out he spoke fluent French. He took parachute training in North Africa.

The lot consists of “J.R. Gaunt, London-Sterling Silver” jump wings with applied gold Cross of Lorraine; Ribbon bars, marksman’s badge (qualified with .30 Cal. Rifle); embroidered parachute qualification patch; Combat Infantryman’s badge, marked “Sterling;”   Bronze Star medal (received later); photocopies photos, and service documents from family and an obituary from June 30,1999; Tech 5 rank insignia.

A scarce grouping for an OSS Agent who was in the thick of combat operations during WWII.


Sent to Paquette in 1978 in the original package is his numbered WWII Republic of China Service Medal, number “A7058,” complete with plastic shipping box and ribbon bar. The condition is excellent

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