Indian Wars 5 Button Fatigue Blouse SOLD

Regulation lining and Inspector stamp.


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This model of fatigue blouse came in the early 1880’s during the Indian Wars period. With very little modification and that mostly to the linings, this coat remained the standard day to day uniform for the US Army for over 20 years. Even after 1902 and the new regulation uniform was adopted, these blouses continued to be issued for fatigue duty and utilized as dress uniforms with updated insignia well into 1906.

Photos of veterans in Old Soldier Homes in the WWI era show this blouse being issued to them. Supposedly German POW’s in both WWI and II were issued these Indian War model blouses in stateside prison  camps.

The condition of this coat is fine with some small moth holes, and hard to see from any distance. The lining is in fine condition as well, with a medium blue wool lining used. There is an inner left and right breast pockets here as well. The inspector marks are from Jeffersonville Depot, and dated 190_?  There is another Jeffersonville Depot stamp on top of the other, and may have been re-lined at this later date that is incomplete.  Both the lining over the inspector marks and on the sleeve lining are numbered “56.” Black paint on the sleeve lining and crudely painted in white on the blue lining. Again, this could be one of these coats issued out to vets. I doubt the prisoner issue as there would be PW designation on front and back of the outside of the coat.  All of the 1885 General Service pattern buttons on the front and on the cuff are original to the coat.

A great fatigue blouse for display in a Indian Wars, Spanish American War, or in Philippine Insurrection collection.


USPS Flat Rate $15.00