Large Photograph of the Famed Bannerman’s Castle.

An impressive view, known to thousands upon thousands of military collectors around the globe!


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One of the greatest sources of military surplus beginning after the American Civil War, was Francis Bannerman. He purchased the island (Pollepel Island), in the Hudson River, in 1900, and began constructing his castle in 1901 and continued to develop his warehouse here, until his death in 1918, when all construction stopped.

The material that was stored there is legendary, and even today with the castle in ruins, the capstan for the USS Hartford remains there embedded in concrete. Sadly, in 1969, a fire destroyed all the floors and roofs, making it a hazard for visitors.  This photo appears to have been taken at that time, as it seems that windows are out, and the signs of decay are evident.

I don’t need to go on about the history, most of you know it well; many of you have been there.  I am not taking this backing off of the frame, but it does strongly appear to be an original print.  Framing was done no too long ago.

The image will bring back many a memory, or haunt you for never having got there!

Framed size is overall 15 x 19 inches; image view size is 9 x 13.  In excellent condition.

Take a trip on Google Lane, and view the “then and now.”


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