Mann Pattern Cavalry Saber Belt & Pistol Cartridge Box SOLD

Mann’s pattern saber belt with Stuart Attachment saber hangers used in the Indian Wars era.

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The Mann saber belt developed and marketed to the Government during the Civil War by Colonel William D. Mann, is pretty much the same as those saber belts already in use by federal cavalry during the war.  The major difference was the folded copper plate with two “D” rings attached for the shoulder strap and the Stuart’s Attachment saber hangers.  The copper slide was held in plate with one central rivet. Attached to the lower ring is a dismount hook for the saber scabbard ring.

This belt has no visible markings. It has an 1851 eagle plate with single silver applied wreath. The buckle keeper has no bench mark number, but the plate does, and most likely the plate is a replacement; when could be in the period.

The leather is supple and typical condition with crazing to surface finish, and some chipping mostly along the belt’s edge.

Mounted on the belt is a .44 caliber revolver cartridge box with weak initials on the flap (JS). The condition of the leather is about the same as the belt leather.

The “Stuart’s Attachment” was patented in 1859 by later Confederate cavalry General J.E.B. Stuart (Model 1860).  The brass hook is well marked with “US”, Frankford Arsenal. This was the fore runner of the 1885 hangers, but the Stuart Attachments were made with a spring loaded brass bar that would prevent the hook being separated from the belt ring without first engaging the bar against the spring to remove. The leather straps toward the ends have been modified by a trooper for easier mounting to the saber’s scabbard rings, as the leather has been trimmed to a more narrow gauge. The shorter strap was further shortened to accommodate the wearer. Both brass studs for closing the loop are present. There are no visible markings in the leather straps.  These hangers were used for a good while well into the late 1800’s.

A nice rig, and fine example of an early Indian War cavalry saber belt.


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