Militia Discharge- Easton Rifles-War of 1812


A scarce Pennsylvania militia document, organized in response to the British Invasion into Maryland and the subsequent burning of the White House.

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The small certificate of service was issued by the Easton Rifle Company, Easton, Pennsylvania and given to one of the 60 members who had volunteered themselves in 1814, upon the news that the British had invaded Maryland; had burned the White House in Washington, and it was feared that Philadelphia might also be attacked.

Frederick C. Mattes, the recipient of this certificate, was listed on the rolls as a musician. The printed form document was filled in and signed by Captain Abraham Horn.  It is dated December 5th 1814 at Camp Boileau.

The history of Easton records that this company of 60 men within days of their formation, were equipped by the ladies of Easton, who had made their uniforms, blankets, and knapsacks, “and all that was needed for comfort.” A beautiful flag was presented to them the day of departure, that had been made by a Miss Rosanna Beidleman. The company proceeded to Camp Dupont, but was never called into action.

Though a shot was never fired, they were prepared to serve in the face of danger, making this a bit more precious than many other similar documents of the period, where no danger was ever expected.

Condition is fine, mounted on an old thick paper stock, and probably framed at one time.    Size is approximately 4 x 6.5 inches.


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