Milwaukee Light Guard Color Litho Sheet Music Cover 1850’s

A fine Chromolitho cover showing the full and undress uniforms of the Milwaukee Light Guards pre-Civil War.

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Milwaukee Light Guard Color Litho Sheet Music Cover 1850’s.

This colorful militia unit for Wisconsin was established in 1855, and commanded by Capt. J.C. Starkweather, and seen here on the cover of sheet music (cover only) in their full dress and undress uniforms.  They wore tall bear skin busbies for dress, and 1851 stype shakos for undress. Their camp scene is seen in the background.

In April of 1861, John Converse Starkweather, was commissioned as colonel of the 1st Wisconsin Infantry, of which is Milwaukee Light Guards became a part of that regiment as Company A.

Very good condition with some light soiling around edges, and very slight trimming at the bottom.  No sheet music.


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