Model 1885 Cavalry Surcingle

A complete surcingle made at Rock Island Arsenal.

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This Rock Island Arsenal made surcingle is all complete, being of original length of 76 inches. The leather overall is very good, with most of the crazing found on the billet.  The 3 1/4 inch wide webbing still retains a good amount of the original blue color.  There is one section in the webbing for about a 3 inch area where mice, or something caused damaged, but by doubling over this area, a most respectable surcingle would be ideal for a cavalry horse accoutrement display.

The end of the billet has the inspector’s stamp, “W.T.C.” with a faint perpendicular stamped Rock Island Arsenal marking (hard to see from straight on, but visible from different angles).

A hard to find piece of Indian War cavalry horse gear.

Good -very good condition.

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