Philippine Made 1898 Cavalry Tropical Coat – SOLD

A odd cotton four button coat with cavalry yellow trim on collar, cuffs, and pocket flaps (no pockets).

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A very scarce example of what I believe is a Model 1898 cavalry tropical coat made in the Philippines. The departures from the regulation coat jump right out at you, for example; the 4 buttons and pocket flaps without pockets, sewn down shoulder tabs (not functional, but with cuff buttons in place), and no provision for the khaki waist belt issued with the regulation models.

The buttons are 1885 General Service types, and I can’t guarantee for certain that these are the original. The coat was made to mount buttons with use of button rings (for easy removal for cleaning).

No makings, and has been worn. Not a reproduction; the real deal.

The weather in the Philippines and the terrain played havoc on uniforms. Sweat, disease, poor quartermaster storage problems led to supply problems. A great deal of uniform components were made by the large tailoring industry in Manila (primarily), mainly officer’s uniforms, hats and insignia, as will as leather goods for the field, and what ever might be procured by volunteer companies to replace the old and worn out.  As a note, the Government had sent to the Philippines, khaki shirts to be issued to the troops, to be worn in place of the issue wool pull overs. That shipment sat on the docks exposed to the elements and were mostly ruined before they could be issued.

So there are many examples of Philippine, Japanese, and other Pacific area made uniform goods made,  where transports may have stopped en route to the P.I. It would be prudent to consider this coat being Cuban- Puerto Rican made, and could be a possible. Either way, just about the earliest form of “Theater Made” you can find.

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