Pigeon Vest, Message Carriers, and Fiber Cage Container – SOLD

This lot consists of Pigeon vest, small plastic message tubes along with a light weight fiber carrier -WWII period.

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These items are all message pigeon related; consisting of a vest PG-106/ CB, lightweight OD material used by Airborne Para Infantry units troops; 2 plastic message holders PG-67, these small cellulose acetate tubes attach to the leg of the pigeon; and a lightweight collapsible fiber cage  PG-107/ PB, that holds two carrier pigeons.

The inside of the vest is marked an “IMPORTANT” message, “Do Not Retain Pigeon In Vest In Excess Of Six Hours.” I believe the famous women’s bra company Maidenform, had the contract for these during the war. The Maidenform company had an advertisement during the war that featured the vest on a pigeon mannequin, “There is a maiden form for every type of figure!”  

“There is a maiden form for every type of figure!” Even the figure of a pigeon!


Pigeon in pigeon vest harnessed to a paratrooper


I believe this is the December 1944 contract for 28,500 vests. This number goes to show the importance of message sending by U.S. and Allied airborne troops using carrier pigeons during the war.

Condition of the items are excellent.

Great Airborne, WWII display grouping. Comes with the Pigeon mannequin.


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