Presentation Gold Badge From 4th Regt. NGP -Post 87 G.A.R. 1889

Presented to Captain G.B. Roth, by Co. “B.”

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This is a wonderfully designed badge with different colors of gold, the use of blue enamel and a separately applied rendition of an officers sword from the Civil War era.  The badge was presented to Capt. G.B. Roth, a member of G.A.R. Post 87, Allentown, PA.  The badge was presented to Roth by Co. B, 4th Regt, NGP, Mar. 1st, 1889. I don’t know the complete purpose of the presentation to Roth. He was not at anytime a post commander, and there are several possibilities as to what units he served in during the Civil War.

The badge is 72mm high. and weighs 22 grams.

Excellent condition.

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Weight .5 lbs