Presentation Silver Mug From Officers of HMS Impregnable

This is a 1762 London silver mug repurposed for a presentation to the paymaster from the captain and officers of the HMS Impregnable a century later.

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Where to start?  The silver mug was made and hallmarked by Benjamin Bickerton of London in 1762. Bickerton who was apparently an indentured apprentice earned his freedom in October of 1756, and registered his hallmark in 1762. He worked until 1791 with his son, and died in 1808.

The mug is a finely crafted, standing nearly 4 3/4 inches. The handle is typical of the style of that period seen in the work of many other London smiths. The baluster shaped mug is chased in floral patterns that was done in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The presentation reads, “Capt. Tremlett and Wardroom Officers, HMS Impregnable to P. O.Connor Esqr. Paymaster R.N.”

I don’t have any information of the recipient Paymaster O’Connor, but do on the captain of Impregnable, Francisco Sangro Robert Dawson Tremlett, R.N.  (1815-1897).   Tremlett entered the Royal Navy in 1830, and rose to the rank of captain in 1863, As a commander he was on board the  HMS Impregnable from  October 1858 to December of 1861, then effective the first of the year 1862, took command as captain. Incomplete records show he was still in command into 1863.

The HMS Impregnable was a 98-Gun Ship launched in 1786, and wrecked in 1799.  She was relaunched in 1810, and became a school ship in 1862. She was decommissioned in 1948.



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