Rare 1st Pattern Mills Belt- 1882 Belt Plate – SOLD

1882 Plate with raised US in oval and edging.


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This is the 1st pattern Mills web belt with 50 loops that hold .45 caliber cartridges for the Springfield Rifle and Carbine. The belt is identified by the use of the 4 eyelets used on either ends of the belt. The color is a medium tan web color. The buckle is the rare 1882 two piece cast brass belt plate with raised US in oval and edging.

The belt webbing is in very good condition with some soiling, light staining, and fraying to some of the loops. There is a number written on the inside of the belt, “27” and is probably an equipment number for a soldier. The plate is in fine condition.

Another rare early Indian Wars Mills web cartridge belt.

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