Relics From The U.S.S. New Hampshire – SOLD

Bronze spikes from the Paul Revere Foundry. SOLD


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The 74 Gun Ship of the Line U.S.S. New Hampshire  keel was laid in 1818 to be commission upon her projected launch date in 1825. She was then named the USS Alabama. She remained in dry dock until 1864 when she was launched and renamed the New Hampshire. She served as a store ship through the war. After the war she was anchored on the Hudson River used as a receiving ship, and for training purposes by the New York State Militia.

Renamed in 1904 as the Granite State, she caught fire on the Hudson River in 1922; sold as salvage and towed toward the Bay of Fundy when during a storm her tow line broke, fire again broke out and she sunk again this time off the coast of Massachusetts.

Relics were found in 30 feet of water. These were recovered by a diver named on documentation included.

Some of the bronze spikes in this group were made at the Paul Revere Foundry between 1816-18. The wood relic is approx. 5″ square, and the longest spike in iron is 5 1/2″; the longest bronze spike is approx. 6.”

An nice group of Naval relics.


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