Scarce Civil War Dismounted Trousers, 3rd Type – SOLD

Late War Sky Blue Trousers of good size


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Civil War uniform trousers have always been sought after by collector’s for their scarcity and obviously for the historical interest and value. This pair of sky blue wool trousers is of the type 3 variety, made by J.T. Martin and contract dated January 2, 1865. What makes this trouser desirable is the use of a panel added to the rear of the trousers, which was apparently to eliminate the puckering that would occur in the back after using the draw strings to tighten the waist. The trousers are stamped with the maker’s and inspector’s marks. There is also a sizing mark of 2 dots and the numeral “2” on the waist as well. At some time the trousers may have been used by a costume company (no markings for the co.) and the waist size is written on the back waist area, “-5×32.” The original draw strings remains.

The trousers are in fine+ condition and might be harsh. There is some mothing overall, that has been crudely stitched with tan and blue thread. A better job could be done but as it is, quite displayable.

A great pair of trousers,