Single Brogan From U.S.S. Cairo- Recovered In 1964 – SOLD


This shoe was recovered from the 1964 salvaging of the USS Cairo from the Yahoo River.

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This single shoe was recovered from salvage operations when the U.S.S. Cairo, and ironclad gunboat was discovered in the Yahoo River, Mississippi in 1964. The show/ brogan is in relatively very good condition having been laying in clay/mud since 1862 when the boat was sunk by Confederate forces.

The show has a pattern of small hobnails in the sole, I’m guessing to prevent slipping on wet decks.  The other material seen on the bottom of the shoe was left after the recovery.  A cotton handkerchief was stuffed into the cavity of the shoe when it was found to preserve the shape and remains still. A small section of leather with holes for laces had broken off sometime ago, but was kept with the shoe.

Included with the shoe are 10 polaroid snapshots of the recovery operation showing various points in the work, and some of the relic brought up.

A hand-written letter accompanies the lot from the son of the original finder, and his story of the shoe from 1964 to several years ago when it was sold.

A neat Civil War naval item.

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