The Howitzer 1916, Yearbook of Corps of Cadets


Containing loads of general officers of WWII.

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This class of 1916 had a large number of graduates that served in WWII as general officers; these and the others largely saw combat in World War 1 and some of those highly decorated.

Bound in leather with embossed cover and gold lettering, with wear to corners and edges, most of which is seen on the upper and lower parts of the spine. The book is tight and in good condition.

Contained within the graduating class, is quite of list of general officers including:  Geoffrey P. Baldwin, BG;  Wm. E. Chambers, BG;  Willis M. Chapin, BG;  Calvin DeWitt, Jr. BG; Thomas D. Finley, MG-Comdg. 89th Division;  John F. Goodman, BG; Louis Emerson, MG- comdg. -63rd Division;   Wm. M. Hoge, General -Pro Engr. Spec. Bde -Omaha Beach- 9th Armored Div.;   Irwin H. Houghton, BG- USAAF;   Dwight F. Johns, BG-  Chief Engr. SW Pac -Comdg. Combined Serv. Command (Am-Aussy);   Paul V. Kane, BG-  Actg Comdr. 96th Division;   Hamilton E. Maguire, BG- C of S XIX Corps Normandy;  Thomas L. Martin, BG-  C of S United Kingdom Base Com.;   Horace L. McBride, LGen. comdr 80th Division- comdr XX Corps;   Maurice L. Miller, BG- Asst. comdr 100th Division;   Raymond G. Moses, BG- C of S 1st Army Group- Asst C of S 12th Army Group (Omar Bradley);   Joseph J. O’Hare, BG- Asst C of S for 1st Army-12th Army Group- and ASC-ETO;   James A. Pickering, BG- Comdr Div. Artillery and comdg 8th Division;  Fay B. Pricket, MGen. comdr. 75th Division;   Stanley E. Reinhart, MGen. comdg 65th Division;   Stanley L. Scott, MGen. – C of S Persian Gulf Com.;   Rolland P. Shugg, BG. comdg. Artillery XIII Corps ;   Wilhelm D. Styer, LGen. Dep Comdr. Army Ser. Force;   Spencer A. Townsend, BG ;  Joseph M. Tully, BG- comdr 4th Cav Group at Normandy;   Robert L. Walsh, MGen.- Mission to Moscow-ATC Forces-South Atlantic;   Wm. R. Woodward, BG- comdr. Artillery 104th Division;   Ludson D. Worshan, BG.    Many other interesting careers from both world wars, Sports stars, coaches, etc.

There is a lot of history represented here in this year’s addition of the West Point year book.


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