Transitional 1885-1902 Coast Artillery Coat. SOLD

A choice example of a transitional coat showing how the CAC continued to use the old pattern issue until the early 1900’s.


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1885 Foot Artillery Dress Coat in transition to the new 1902 Regulation Changes for Coast Artillery Corps.

Collar insignia as per the new 1902 regulations for enlisted of CAC.  The 93rd company was stationed at Fort Columbus, New York in this period.  Note the gold bullion 1885 pattern chevrons have been reversed to reflect the new chevrons for 1902. This old pattern coat and chevrons were used by the Coast Artillery and the Ordnance Dept. until around 1906 until the entire army had been issued the new 1902 uniform. Bullion service chevron on each sleeve.
The Coast Artillery Gunners Badge is identified to the 93rd CAC and numbered “77” on the reverse of the pin bar, and came with this coat.  I have no proof that this is original to the coat but most likely is correct for this soldier.
Nice contract markings in left sleeve, and soldiers ID stamp on lining in upper neck area.

The coat is in fine condition. Some stitching of left chevron popped loose, light moth tracking but hard to see unless looking in bright light and close up.  Lining shows some soiling, and some light red staining in one small area.
A choice and scarce example of the transition uniform for CAC.
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