Tropical Tunic – 4th CAC With Sold Grouping- 1920s – 30s

A nice grouping for a Coast Artillery private from the Robert Borrell Artillery Collection.

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From Robert Borrell’s collection is this grouping for a 4th CAC private’s tunic (identified in photo as “Jack”), with cloth and metal insignia as well as unit photos & snapshots. The tunic has a light green hue, and has the look of being made in either Panama or Hawaii (I think Hawaiian made). No markings except for on the collar, ink ASN (105181)  “49 / “I” inked on the inside panel. The tunic is fitted with brass hooks (removable) for garrison belt. Collar discs are domed and have red wool backings; the 4th CAC DUIs are screw back and hallmarked J.R. Gaunt.

Bob did an article for the for the ASMIC FOOTLOCKER Newsletter, Vol XXXIV, NO. 3, September 1, 2010. All that he photographed and wrote about (and more), in the 3 page article is here.

The tunic was obtained without a shoulder sleeve patch, (photo in article had Hell Gate patch.

Great assortment of interwar patches, one of the Hawaiians has the tin backing.  Discs for Field Artillery HQ, and F battery CAC, musicians, and later assortment of infantry types, along with a 19th Infantry DUI (SB-no hallmark), and matchbook. Most of the disc do not have thumb nuts.

Condition overall is fine.


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