Uniform Lot of Colonel Carl W. Schaad,


A pair of uniforms for a Silver Star recipient in the 24th Infantry Division in WWII.

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What a nice pair of uniforms for Lt. Colonel, later Colonel, Carl W. Schaad, a Silver Star recipient while serving in the Pacific Theater with the 24th Infantry Division.

The group consists of a ’41 service dress coat, and two pair of “pink” trousers, and overseas cap;   English made “Ike” jacket with matching trousers and os cap; , and a tie.   The shirt is my prop, and not included.

The officer’s gaberdine coat is in fine condition, with no tailor label, or sizing tags,  Not identified but obviously the colonels.  Ribbon bars are sewn on.  Collar insignia is clutch back, major’s rank are pin back.  24th ID patch is machine embroidered.  8 bullion os bars,  There are two pair of pink trousers in fine condition as well that accompany the coat, along with an overseas cap and Lt. Col’s rank with ink ID by Schaad on the sweatband.

The Ike jacket with insignia was made just after the war when Schaad was assigned to HQ EUCOM in London.  The label inside the right inside breast pocket reads, “H. Hunstman & Sons, Ltd…..London, dated 1946. (and named).  Lt. Colonel rank and artillery insignia on collar are directly sewn and are fine quality silver bullion.  US’s are a silver toned color.  Ribbon bars are identical to that on the other coats.  This one has the arrowhead missing on the Asiatic-Pac ribbon.  8 silver bullion os bars on lower sleeve.  24th ID patch now sewn to the right shoulder (Mach made).  The trousers are made from the exact material as the jacket.  The os cap looks to be the same shade of color, but made by Lewis, (probably another English tailor).  The set is a super looking outfit. Missing only the lower waist button.

The group has  three handkerchiefs pulled from trouser pockets.

A nice pair of uniforms to a Silver Star recipient.  Great history!


I found a great history on, him in a Military Order of the World Wars journal;

Carl W. Schaad, Colonel, was born May 25th, 1917 in Newberg, OR.  He served in the Army in the Field Artillery, 3rd Infantry Division, and was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington State. From July 1941 to February 1946, he was with the 24th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Australia, New Guinea, Leyte, Mindanao, and Mindora, Philippines and Japan.  After the war and occupation duties in Japan, he was transferred to England, at HQ EUCOM, Paris, Fort Sill, Bonn, Germany, The Pentagon, and the Army War College at Carlisle, PA.

Some of his memorable experiences are; the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941, the assault landing at Leyte, in 1944, combat in the Philippines, Leyte, Mindanao, and in occupation of Japan, where he visited Hiroshima in October of 1945.

Schaad left the service in 1972 as full Colonel. His decorations and medals include, SS, BSM (2OLC), LM (2OLC), Air Medal, American Defense (with OS star), Asiatic-Pacific (5 campaign stars and 1 arrowhead), WWII Victory Medal, Army of Occupation, National Def., Philippine Liberation (with 2 stars), Philippine Independence Ribbon, Rep of VN Campaign, AF Exped. Medal, and others.

Silver Star  G.O. No. 77, 1945.