Variant Civil War Canteen With Early Leather Issue Strap – SOLD

Identified as an early Western Theater canteen, see Page 176 in U.S. Army & Militia Canteens, 1775- 1910, by Mike O’Donnell, O’Donnell Publications, 2008.

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This is the identical canteen featured on page 176 of Mike O’Donnell’s book, U.S. Army & Militia Canteens, 1775- 1910, and was thought to be an early issue canteen (possibly pre war made), with a similar regulation strap, having the triangular “patch” under the buckle and sling keeper.  He believed it to be a state or western depot canteen made in 1861 to early 1862.

The material is a course brown wool, jean cloth, machine sewn at the bottom and hand stitched at top for ease of placement onto the canteen. This canteen was used by Co. “E,” 43rd regiment?, and the same unit markings are repeated on the other side, with the exception to been stenciled at a later time no doubt.

The narrow pewter pewter spout his missing the ring/ stopper and the heavy twine that would secure it to the upper sling guide.

Like the early slings made of leather, this one is similar, but has an original oval shaped buckle, not the regulation square with roller. The rounded buckle certainly made for a good case of being made prior to the war, as this shape is seen on early dragoon horse accoutrements and other items from that period. The leather is all original (except the fortifying sections at two breaks. There is some length lost, as these ends don’t match up exactly.  Half in wide with faint rolled border lines on each side.  leather is crackled, fragile in a few areas, but mostly intact.

The shape, viewing head-on from appears to be the same as other canteens, but viewing from the sides allows you to see a much narrower profile.

A great documented and published canteen.


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