WWI Era Painted Scene of St. Thomas, V.I.,& USS Wyoming on Conch Shell SOLD

A great little painted scene of St. Thomas, V.I., and the battleship USS Wyoming, Navy bi-planes etc.


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No matter when or where American GIs are stationed, they will find some of the neatest and strangest items on which to place a remembrance of their service there; and in this case, a young sailor had this scene painted by a local, or he had the ability to paint it himself.

This souvenir Pink Queen Conch shell, native to the Bahamas, was the “canvas” for a scene of the US Naval base at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, about the time of WWI.  In the patriotic theme, are found crossed American flags, US Navy bi-planes from the base established in 1917, and the USS Wyoming.

The Wyoming was in these waters several time, but most likely this in the WWI period about the time the US purchased the Virgin Islands in 1917.

I assume that the image that came with this conch is the owner of the shell.  The young seamen wears the rate of a ship’s cook second class.  The image was taken in Boston, Mass, by Falk Studio on Tremont St.  Unfortunately the cook’s name is unknown; the shell is unsigned, yet a great piece of Soldier/Sailor art.

The condition is very good, with some flaking to some paint; the shell itself was broken away to expose a larger smooth pink surface to paint on.  The image is very clean.

I believe the image and the shell have been together always, as they came from a picker in the Boston area, who buys from local sources, flea markets. For what he originally paid, there was no need to embellish.  Regardless, a nice historical  naval souvenir.

Height is 7 inches on the shell; the image is 6 x 8 inches approximately.

USPS Priority  $20.

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