WWII Fighting Knife ID’d – 386th Service Fighter Group

WWII Fighting Knife Identified to George A. Schultz Jr., 386th Service Fighter Group.

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WWII Fighting Knife ID’d – 386th Service Fighter Group. Identified to George A. Schultz Jr.  The group was formed in 1944, and their preliminary mission was to support the 5th Marine Division during their campaign on Iwo Jima, supplying the marines with all their needs, and later was assumed its primary role as support the VII Fighter Command, or more succinctly the pilots of the 15th Fighter Group; a unit with P-51 Mustangs and P-61 Black Widows.
The knife measures approx. 13″ in total length, blade is 8.75″ long and 1.75″ in width.  On the blade it is marked with Schultz’s Serial No. & initials (marked on both sides- see photos).  The same markings are on the end of the handle on the brass bolster/pommel.
The blades edge is still sharp, has a few small wear marks along the blades edge.  All parts still tight on the knife, nothing loose.  There is some wear and toning on the brass guard and pommel.  Knife fits securely into the leather sheath.  Sheath has wear on both sides, stitching is sound, and is marked with Schultz’s name, and serial number on the backside.  Near the belt loop of the sheath it is marked, “PULLEY RUN WITH IT”.
Along with the knife will be the research done and computer printed copies relating to George A. Schultz Jr. (documents and photo are not original period items – reprints for display purposes).
Hometown records from Pepperell, Mass. show that George died by drowning in 1947, no further to the circumstances given.
Very good condition.

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