10th U.S. Cavalry Officer’s Undress Coat – SOLD

Unidentified 1895 coat in super shape with sewn on false embroidered collar insignia.

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This splendid Model 1895 undress coat was made by M.C. Lilley, Columbus, Ohio, and sadly with no identification. The “U.S.” and 10th Cavalry stamped brass- false embroidered insignia are sewn on the collar.  Rank shoulder straps are for a 2nd Lieutenant. The metal insignia have most of the original gilt finish, and the golden yellow wool on the straps is bright.

Interior and exterior condition is excellent with only a few very minor moth holes (see photos).  Mohair trim has retained all of the original collar, as over time this material has the tendency to fad to a greenish color. Two interior breast pockets (one side opening, other top opening).  The M.C. Lilley label is incorporated into use as a hook.  Color of the wool is fine.

Although un-named, the regimental history of the 10th Cavalry in this era is well known, as they were along side the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry (Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders) going up against the Spanish defenses on San Juan Hill, Cuba in 1898.

A scarce coat in hard to find condition.

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