1785 Dated Shipwright’s Timber Scribe in Case -SOLD

Initialed and dated, “ER 1785.”


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This 18th century timber scribe came out of the Boston area, and as stated by the “picker” it came from, the family said that it was used by a shipwright.  “ER” still remains an unknown, but he certainly wanted others in the period of use who it belonged to, as he placed his initials on the wood handle in three places.  The tool is iron with some decorative filing.

Very seldom do you encounter these early type scribes in their original paper composition cases.  This one is in fine condition, with the tool fitting like a glove.  The two slots seen in the photos are for spare, or larger/small blades, now missing.  The blades were easily changed, and held in place by a single screw.

The scribe is 5 inches long, with the swing out blade folding into the handle, the case overall length is approximately 6 1/2 inches.

The different blades and point were used to mark timber, when sections of timber were mortised and tenon were to be alined, or for generally marking timber/ lumber for certain uses and placement in either ship, house, or furniture building.

A great tool with character.  A small address label from the family in Needham, Mass is loose inside the cavity of the case.


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