1885 Cavalry Privates Dress Coat With Sharpshooters Badge


Nice dress cavalry coat with the faint QM stamp, but believe it was made in 1894.

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This M1885 Dress coat for a U.S. cavalry private was made in 1894 (faint QM & Contract stamps in right sleeve lining, but I can make out the 4).  A small size, and was issued, as the soldier’s Sharpshooter badge with some remnants of yellow silk ribbon still remain on it. There are some moth nips in a few places, but more moth tracking, where there are no holes but evidence of the little critters. These areas show up in the photographs looking white from the flash, but are hard to see from a distance. There is one old repair up near the left shoulder tab (see photo).

The 1885 Sharpshooter badge is the early style with “T” bar pin and “C’ catch. No markings but was made at Rock Island Arsenal. The patina is untouched and has a dark bluish hue, overall, and I didn’t want to disrupt completely by photographing it in place.

A small size, low 30s.

Great looking display coat.