1899 U.S. Army Campaign Hat

In Excellent Condition


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The most recognizable feature of the 1899 campaign is the use of the screen vents, that increased the ventilation; a much need improvement to the “star and snowflake” patterns. This is a regulation hat, but no visible marking can be seen by me under the sweatband.

The body of the hat is excellent with only light wear showing; evidence of an applied pin-back insignia in front as well as a small wear spot creating a small hole about the size of very small pencil eraser, but somehow the hole looks like it was done purposely. Mothing is very minimal and would term it the lightest of tracking, mostly to the underside, and you really have to look close to see it. The silk banding is fine. The sweatband shows some dryness, and light wear only. 3 rows of stitching on the outer edge of the brim. The color is a nice light brown drab even overall.

Hard to find a better one I think.


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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 18 in