1st Artillery Colonel’s Epaulettes – SOLD

Imported French Made Epaulettes.


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Imported during the Civil War and sold by various U.S. retailers, this generic pair of epaulettes only need certain branch insignia to meet the needs of the officer.  In this case, the standard epaulettes, with fringe for field grade officers, came with plain staff buttons, marked “PARIS.”  Each epaulette has its separate marking, “LEFT” and “RIGHT” (the section away from the should conforming to the rounded collar of the uniform coat)

Beautiful rank insignia of a full colonel have been pinned in place. Gorgeous silver bullion eagles still retain most of their original glow.  There are a few sections of accent wire trim that has come loose, but fixable.

And of course the things that make these artillery are the regimental artillery pillow insignia, done in gold bullion with the regulation silver bullion numeral. All this done on red velvet material.

These got little use, and spent most of there time in a case that somewhere along the way disappeared.

A super pair of insignia.  Artillery Colonel’s anything is hard to come by in the Civil War period.

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Weight 3 lbs