Relics From Fort Meade South Dakota


Cartridge casing dated from 1882- 1884, along with expended lead.

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Relics From Fort Meade South Dakota, including Trapdoor shell casings and expended lead bullets; 7 pieces total.

I purchased these from a bin which I was allowed to take from, when visiting this old army post just outside of Sturgis, South Dakota, back in 1990. The casing date from 1882-84.  I was told, that the mix of relics that I was picking from were not only from Ft. Meade, but also that found at Fort Sully. Volunteers at the museum at Meade, had bought these in to help raise money. Found at the rifle range (s).

Fort Meade was established in 1878, in the Black Hills, and near the gold mining area of Deadwood, (then) Dakota Territory, and its first post commander was Col. Samuel Sturgis, 7th Cavalry.  Captain Miles Keogh’s horse “Comanche” stayed here until moved to Ft. Riley, Kansas, in 1888. The “Star Spangled Banner” was played her for the first time at military retreat ceremonies, before officially becoming the National Anthem.   The old post closed during WWII, in 1944.

Fort Sully (the new) was established in 1866  twenty miles below the confluence of the Missouri and Cheyenne Rivers, and remained active until 1894.

Obviously all dug, and in ranges of condition.

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