45 Star Flag Flown By USS Inca During The Spanish American War


This is a 7×4 foot 45 star U.S. National Colors Identified to the USS Inca on the canvas hoist.

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Made by James Martin & Son Co., Makers, this 45 star National Colors was used by the U.S.S. Inca during the Spanish American War.  The identification is on the hoist of the flag, and reads in someone’s hand writing, “USS INCA, USN USA.”  

The 7 x 4 foot flag is in very good condition with great color and some minor mothing  of no great significance.  This was just acquired from a collection, and unfortunately no history other than the ID on the flag itself.

The U.S.S. Inca was originally a screw steamer yacht of 120 tons,  built in South Boston in 1898, and was acquired by the Navy in June of 1898 for the serving as a patrol vessel.  She was commanded by Lieutenant W.E. McKay (a famous name for Boston ship building history).  The ship was outfitted with an 11 pound gun, and mainly patroled Boston Harbor, before being turned over to the Massachusetts Naval Militia as a training ship.  Inca was retired in 1908.

Not an historically significant record, yet an American flag identified to a ship with a roll to play during the Spanish American War.

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