5th Prize Shooting Medal To MVM Private- 6th Mass. Infantry – SOLD

This is a fairly early medal identified to Private W.B. Daniels, of Company “A,” dated 1883.

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This “Fifth Prize Soldier’s” (Trophy) was awarded to Private W. B. Daniels, Company “A,” 6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and dated 1883. The medal is made of gold and silver; gold pin brooch, with silver chain and medal proper. A brass or bronze bullet is suspended from the brooch, reminiscent of the early MVM marksman’s medal. The brooch is engraved “M.V.M. 1883,” The silver suspension bar has his name engraved on the back in block lettering.

No part of the medal is maker hallmarked. There is a sturdy “T” bar pin with a looped safety open catch on the reverse.

Also included with the medal is another bright bronze, named bar with pin and suspension bar for a ribbon, that may have some association with 5th Prize award, or for another shoot, etc.  Has a maker’s name on the reverse, but solder buildup prevents the name from being read, but address was “15 Cornhill, Boston.”

This award is listed in the Massachusetts Adjutant General’s Report (Jan. 1884), listing this medal and Daniels. The Rifle competition took place on October 18, 1883, at the State Camp Ground, South Framingham, Mass.  The 6th Mass team did not fair as well as Daniels had in his individual shooting. Documentation from state records (included) show that Daniels was listed as a Qualified Marksman going back to 1880.  The officer making this report stated that, “It is evident from the number of competitors that here has been a great increase of active interest in the matter of rifle practice; although in the aggregate the scores made do not show an appreciable advance in the accuracy of the marksmanship, yet the results must be considered as highly satisfactory, as exhibiting the wider pervasiveness of an average capacity……”  This competition is just a few years that the regular army began in ernest to beef up the quality of marksmanship with its soldiers.

A nice early medal.

75mm high- medal

60mm long – bronze pin bar with name.

Fine condition.


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