69th Infantry Division Painted M1 helmet & Knife – SOLD

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The M1 steel pot (without liner) has an original painted patch insignia of the 69th Infantry Division used during WWII. Included with the M1 is a period fighting knife with the same insignia painted on , the scabbard, and thought it would be an idea (good or bad) to put them together.

The helmet is a late war type; front seam, swivel bale and dark green chinstraps which began in early ’45 contracts. Showing good field use and in typical condition for combat helmets.

An unmarked fighting knife is typical of many other makers, being single edged 8″ long with leather sectioned grip, and lanyard ring on pommel. The scabbard is sewn leather panels and riveted with leg strap still attached. The initial “M” is carved into the leather above the painted insignia with is showing good honest wear.

The 69th was one of the many late war divisions that did short but very hard service toward the end of the war as the Allied Armies advanced into Germany.  This division met up with the Russian Army at the Elbe River. The photograph is from a recent publication.

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