71st New York Infantry Company “G” Badge

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This gilt brass and enameled badge was worn by a member of the 71st New York (City) Infantry Regiment, Company “G.” It is most likely a piece worn in the later part of the 19th Century, including the Spanish War to 1900 period.

The badge measures 2 3/8 inches high. Made of gilt brass (pin brooch) with chains extending down to hold a white enameled maltese cross trimmed with gilt border, with superimposed blue enamel ring with gilt wording, ” PRO ARISET PRO FOCIS   N.G.” and a false embroidered “71” within the circle.  A gilt “G” is suspended below.

Maker hallmarked, “BERNHARD / 6 AVE, N.Y.”  “T” bar pin with open catch.

There is a little bit of chipping on the upper right point of the cross , and a tiny piece below on the left point of the right side cross. Other areas that look to be damage are flaws existing in the manufacturing process.

The 71st Infantry has a long history, particularly in the Civil War, and in the War with Spain, which is closer in time to the creation of this badge.  The 71st were heavily engaged in Cuba, in 1898, and were initially were in support of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, and then assaulted San Juan Hill, and took part in the Battle for Santiago. The regiment lost over 80 men in their short time in Cuba.

A fine badge.

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