American Militia Rifleman’s Shako Circa 1830s. SOLD

A nice example of an American “Tar Bucket” Shako used by a Militia company.


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American Militia Rifleman’s Shako Circa 1830s in the “Tar Bucket” style, constructed of leather body, with large (6″) shield shaped eagle and horn rifleman’s helmet plate; original green wool worsted cording draped from below the crown on both sides and draped fore and aft (suspended from iron loops on sides, and sewn at rear.  The stitching may be replaced in rear.  One iron loop replaced on right side). There are two spheres suspended from the right side, that are probably replacements in recent times, but lend a good look.

The helmet never had side buttons nor any chinstrap.

There is evidence that this plate replaced another of a smaller nature.  The replacement most likely took place in the period of use, as I’ve seen with happen with many militia companies wanting to upgrade some aspect of their uniform. The shield plate is held in place with leather wedge strips running through the loops of plate. There may be the slightest trimming at the very bottom of the plate.

Leather body has crackled surface, some surface leather loss, but overall in very good condition. The original leather sweatband is in tact. The current plume is of simple white horse hair, and is Circa 1870s on.

Height of helmet without plume is 7 inches.

A scarce helmet with a great look.


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Weight 20 lbs