Cabinet Photo of A National Lancer In Dress Uniform SOLD

Super photo of a National Lancer wearing his shako with large starburst helmet plate.

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Unfortunately this image is unidentified, but makes up for it, by being a super study into the uniform of this famous Massachusetts cavalry unit.  The Lancers were established in the early 1830s and their uniform remained the same until the regular army adopted the 1881 helmet for it’s mounted troops.  These uniforms were originally purchase in France.  Uniforms were at times past on from one out going member to a new recruit, and were used for a long span of time, particularly the headgear.

This Lancer also wears a number of different badges and medals on his uniform, drill and shooting awards.

Photographed by Partridge, Boston & Brookline, Mass. (this firm put the date of its establishment down as 1889, thus putting this image in that ’89 to turn of the century era.)

Great condition.

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