CDV – Captain Roger Jones, U.S. Mounted Rifles- Signed Twice – SOLD

Signed on the mount, and again on the reverse.


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Although a bit soiled, this is a great image of Captain Roger Jones of the Mounted Rifles in full dress, his cap with insignia beside him, and saber hanging on the dismount hook of the sword belt. He had signed his name at the bottom of the mount, and again on the reverse, “Roger Jones  U.S. Army.”  A more recent (but not newly done) notation by family reads, “Husband of Mary Ann Page Jones, sister of Richard L. Page (this info however related to his father and mother).

Jones was from a distinguished military family, his father by the same name was the Adjutant General of the Army from 1825- 1852.  Captain Jones was a cousin to Robert E. Lee.  A graduate of the USMA, Class of 1851, entering army service in the regiment of Mounted Rifles (later 3rd Cavalry at the beginning of the Civil War). Jones served as regimental adjutant from 1854-58.  Captain and assistant Quartermaster to April 1861; then major assistant Inspector General’s Department in November of 1861. Jones would remain in the Inspector Generals Department through the war, and for the remainder of his career, rising to the rank of brigadier general in 1888.  He died in 1889.

During his early service, he was part of the Gila Expedition in California / Arizona 1850-53, and early in the Civil War he was ordered to take a detachment to Harper’s Ferry Arsenal to prevent that place from being taken by Virginia militia, but unable to defend the arsenal from overwhelming numbers was forced to destroy arms and stores before withdrawing.

In 1885 at the rank of colonel, Jones became the Inspector General, USA.

The condition of the image is very good, with some soiling, and some trimming on the bottom and sides, but not a great deal.

A clear image of Jones and his uniform, and signatures on both sides.

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