CDV- Image Of A Single Boot SOLD

If only we knew the story?


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M.H. Kimball, Photographer, Broadway, New York, must have had a good reason to take and develop this shot, or simply was happy to take the client’s money. I would guess the client having the brilliant idea in this instance, unless Kimball was studying the new marketing technics being advanced from Madison Avenue.

The boot has been lived in for some time, showing the age crazing on the leather surfaces, mud and street wash clinging to the sole; the boot of a workman or veteran perhaps, but certainly not a cavalier without the prodding spur.

The image show typical light use and soiling, clipped corners suggest it was once in an album.

Certainly an image you can have fun with.  It is most definitely not a salesman’s sample!

USPS First Class Mail  $3.50

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