CDV of Albert S. Follansbee, Colonel 6th Mass Vols. – SOLD

As Captain, lead four companies of the 6th Mass. Vols. through the riotous streets of Baltimore; The first blood drawn in the Civil War.


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Carte de Visite of Albert S. Follansbee, captain commanding the lead company “C” and the contingent of 4 companies marching through Baltimore, seen here wearing his colonel’s frock. Follansbee would go on to command both the 6th Massachusetts 9 Month and 100 Day regiments. obviously, the gallant captain has shown his metal during the Baltimore Riot, and no doubt with glowing recommendation by Colonel Jones, was elevated to a colonelcy of the regiment.

Follansbee’s roll in the riot at Baltimore will always be linked to the alarm of April 19, 1775, when the ancients of the “Old 6th Massachusetts” marched toward Lexington and Concord on the first day of The American Revolution. How decisively and dramatically did history repeat itself with such a significant date in our nation’s history, linking such similar events on the very same date, involving the very state (colony), county and families that bleed in both of these armed conflicts. Take the time to go to the web and read up on the 6th Massachusetts’ march through the harrowing mob scene in Baltimore at the beginning of the Civil War. He was the right man for the task.

The back mark is for L.D. Judkins, Lawrence, photo quality is very good-fine, in nice crisp condition.

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