Civil War 4th Infantry Officer’s Bullion Headgear Insignia SOLD

Excellent Quality Bullion Work


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I bought these 4th Infantry officer’s cap (hat) insignia together, and believe they have always been together. The bullion eagle is for the dress “Hardee” hat, worn on the side and used to pin up one brim of the hat.  The infantry horn insignia has no loops for attaching to the Hardee and most like was intended for a slouch or forage cap.

Both show minimal wear, with average to light toning to the bullion. The silver “4” is regulation. A section of polish cotton has been removed from the back of the horn insignia. The bullion work on both pieces was done on black velvet and finished in a fine twisted wire border. These is some of the most attractive military insignia you can collect.

Both are 3 1/2 for the horn insignia and a tad shorter for the eagle.

USPS First Class Mail $5.00