Civil War Artillery Gunner’s Quadrant SOLD

Made of mahogany, and complete with lead weight and string for determining barrel elevation.


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The gunner’s quadrant is made of mahogany and measures 23 3/4 inches.  The hight of the quadrant is 7 1/4 total inches including base. Degree marks are stamped in wood.  The the end of the arm is a brass plate, held in place by a single screw which, when moved either direction, will expose the lead plumb bob and string that would be set within the hole in the upper corner of the quadrant.

To determine elevation, the arm was placed in the muzzle of the cannon; the plumb bob would hang freely and would rest at the point along the quadrant’s edge to find the desired elevation.

Condition is fine, with some slight chipping in a few places. and the only item on with this equipment is the pin that would hold string in place.  A hard to find Civil War artillery item.

USPS Priority  $20.00

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Weight 15 lbs