Civil War Era National Union League Silver Badge SOLD

One inch high engraved shield,  American Eagle and flags a top this volunteer organization’s badge.


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The National Union League began as a patriotic club in 1863 to support Union causes throughout the North. The remained active during the war, and with the war ending in 1865, spread into the southern states becoming advocates for freed slaves, and other southerners who had remained loyal to the Union during the war.

The stamped silver badge has a spread-winged eagle clutching crossed American flags at the top, with a textured background; the lower part of the shield is raised, and flat, whereupon are engraved the name of the organization.

A “T” bar pin with open catch are sturdily fastened on the reverse side.

Great color, and condition. A great Northern patriotic item from the Civil War.




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Weight .5 lbs