Civil War Era Sword Belt- For Field & Staff- Medical Officers.

Note the double hangers in front for the upper double ring mounted scabbard.

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Civil War Era Sword Belt- For Field & Staff & Medical Officers.

A nice example of a field and staff officers belt, one adapted to carry the M1860 sword. In the Civil War period, most M1860 field and staff swords had a single ring mount on the scabbard, unless it were a French import, etc., or most commonly seen was the double ring mount on all M1840 Medical Staff swords, and this is where the second dual hanger system was needed. The early Indian Wars era M1860s began to come with the double ring mounts, so it is possible that this belt was worn after the Civil War, but that patten existed from the war years.

The belt is overall in very good condition. I bought it recently in the natural, and needing some TLC.  I have not repaired any of the small tears or tiny breaks along the edge, leaving that task to the next owner.  As it stands, it is most displayable.

I have photographed all the area that have any damage, and that not being significant.

A nice medical officer belt for the belt that yet need one for display.

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