E. Remington & Sons Illustrated Brochure – SOLD

Circa 1875


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In fabulous condition, this circa 1875 E. Remington & Sons Advertising brochure is well illustrated with the new offerings from this history and collectible American arms makers.

This is a four page item, featuring metallic cartridges, rolling block rifles of various models, and a price list for the same.

Models listed are Sporting Rifle No.1. Hunting and Target variants of the same No.1;    Sporting Rifle No. 2;  Creedmore Rifle.(including a testimonial extracted from the Army & Navy Journal, Official Report of International Match held at Creedmore, Sept. 26, 1874).

This is not a reprint! It is an extremely fine example of a rare brochure.  When found these pieces are usually in poor condition at best. These were originally intended to send out to retailers, letting them know what new models were available, and on request by customers looking for the same, as well as the ammo and parts.  Can’t imagining finding a better.

One sheet measures 9×12.


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