Framed Portrait Image of Gen. William Shafter – Circa 1898


A great period frame with a Civil War artillery cap insignia applied used for displaying the image of the commanding general of US forces in Cuba in 1898.

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Framed Portrait Image of Gen. William Shafter- Circa 1898, framed in a heavy multifaceted oak frame with a crossed cannons insignia mounted on the lower section; probably for an artilleryman who served in the Spanish American War. The brass insignia is the M1858 (Civil War) insignia.

The portrait of the commanding officer of American Troops in Cuba is William R. Shafter, a photogravure image of the general in full dress uniform. The photo was used in the Urbana, Ill. Daily Courier, and is copyrighted 1898.

Light water staining to the lower right corner.  All original with image and frame always together by most likely a veteran of the Spanish American War.

17w x 19h.

Overall in very good- fine condition.



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