Gauntlets For Captain John S. Loud – 12th New York & 9th U.S. Cavalry


Served with the 12th NY Cavalry in the Civil War, and fighting Indians for many years in the west.

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The gauntlets are made of a chamois leather with accent sewn lines on the cuff areas. One finger tip area on the left gauntlet was repaired in the period of use.  Overall wear and soiling; heavier on the inner fingers and thumbs.  The only marking is the stamped sizing”8″ on the inside leather.  Captain Loud signed each in ink, “Capt J.S. Loud.”

* 1st Lieut 1/5/1863 (As of Co. D 12th NY Cavalry)
* 1st Lieut 9/24/1863 (1st Lieut and Adjutant)
* Capt 11/24/1863 (As of Co. M)                            ref: Civilwardata

These gauntlets are a style seen from the Civil War era, well into the nineteen hundreds. That being the case these could have been worn as of November, 1863 while commanding Troop M, 12th New York, and worn continually into the Indian Wars, or purchased in 1880 when he was promoted to captain still serving in the 9th Cavalry.

Loud began is service in the military as a private in  Company “E”, the famous 7th Regiment of New York City until September of 1862. He was mustered in as a 1st Lt. in the 12th New York Cavalry, also known as the 3rd Harris Guard in January of 1863, making captain by November of the year.  He was breveted 1st Lt. and Captain for meritorious service during the war.

After his discharge in June of 1865 from the 12th New York, he later was commissioned a 1st Lt. in the 9th U.S. Cavalry in early 1867. This was one of the two colored (Black) regiments of cavalry established in 1866).  Lt Loud was one of the original officers assigned to the regiment being formed in New Orleans.  The regiment would be sent to the various posts in west Texas, and would remain there for eight years, monitoring, campaigning and fighting the lawless, Mexicans and the Apache. Loud acted as regimental adjutant from 1867 to Jan. 1880, when he was promoted to Captain and in command of a troop.

In 1881, the regiment moved north, with Fort Riley as the headquarters, and once again further north in 1885 with Fort Robinson, Nebraska HQ., still campaigning against the various tribe of the norther plains, and keeping the peace in general.  In 1892 Captain Loud took part in keeping peace in the Suggs Affair, part of the Johnson County Wars in Wyoming.

With promotion to major, he transferred to the 3rd U.S. Cavalry then at Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont, as pleasant change from the hard years in the West.  He would retire a year later.

There is so much more the 9th Cavalry was involved in during the Indian Wars, and this officer was there taking part. Quite an historic history.



This image was sold previously, but is included here to show the same autograph in the CDV is also on the gauntlets. A great pair of gauntlets with great historical background.

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